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Private Photoshoot in Berlin Pricing

Portrait, Family, Pregnancy, Newborn, Boudoir, Love Story

Berlin Shooting S

  • 1 - 1,5 hours session in one location
  • Up to 2 outfit changes (depending on how fast you can change!)
  • 60+ photos (digital, full resolution)
  • + BONUS:  3 high-end magazine quality professionally retouched digital photos
  • Offer applies to a maximum group of 2 people or to a family of up to 3 people 

329 €

Berlin Shooting M

  • Up to 2 hours session in one location or two nearby locations
  • Up to 3 outfit changes (depending on how fast you can change!)
  • 75+ photos (digital, full resolution)
  • + BONUS:  5 high-end magazine quality professionally retouched digital photos
  • Offer applies to a maximum group of 4 people

399 €

Berlin Shooting L

  • Up to 3 hours session
  • Up to 4 outfit changes (depending on how fast you can change!)
  • 120+ photos (digital, full resolution)
  • + BONUS:  8 high-end magazine quality professionally retouched digital photos
  • Offer applies to a maximum group of 5 people

549 €

If you need photos for commercial use, please refer to the Business Photography page. Private Photography packages do not include a license for commercial use (for example, using the images for promotion or sale of goods and services in Facebook or Instagram). 

Please contact me if more than 5 people need to be photographed or if a longer session is required.

A photoshoot can be extended if required (on an hourly basis). The cost of each additional hour is 200€.

Additional High-End Retouch

  • If you order 1 to 5 photos to retouch: 25€ / photo
  • If you order 6 to 10 photos to retouch: 22€ / photo
  • If you order 11+ photos to retouch: 20€ / photo

Make-up, Hair and Outfits

Make-up and hair artists aren’t covered in the price, but could be arranged at cost if required. Similarly, outfits are not provided by us, but we will help carry your bags!


Special lighting equipment may be required if you prefer to have a shooting in a hotel, in apartments, outdoors in the evening or in other conditions with low natural lighting. Depending on what you need, one of the two options may be required:

  • Portable flashlight + Umbrella:  free
  • Studio flashlight + Octabox:  50€

Further Information

  • We’ll take a variety of photos over the course of the shoot, from closeup headshots to full height photos - all depending on what you’re after! 
  • We will provide you with an extensive help for all poses.
  • All travelling we do together will count as part of the allocated time-frame. Any requested travel outside of public transport in Berlin Zone AB shall be paid by a client (e.g. a taxi or a train).
  • Lighting equipment installation and setup is an essential part of a photoshoot and counts as part of the allocated time-frame.
  • Within 2-6 weeks after the shoot you’ll be provided with a private protected  link to download all photos or with a USB-Stick.
  • Editing work included in the price for all photos: brightness and contrast adjustments, color balancing
  • Editing work included for retouched photos: high-end professional skin retouching, body silhouette correction, minor outfit and background corrections

Feel free to contact me:


Prices are valid from 03.06.2022

Since each photo shoot has its own unique characteristics, the prices shown may be adjusted depending on each specific case.

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